Crowdfunding campaign for the Spanish language handbook “We organise for social change”

We are launching the crowdfunding campaign for the Spanish language handbook and website “Nos organizamos para el cambio social” (We organise for social change)! While the book is in Spanish, the website will partly be in English.

The ‘little organizing handbook’ (in Spanish) is a tool and also an end in itself as it will help us to improve our communication and to organise more efficiently. It is aimed at any person active in political groups, campaigns and social movement across Europe and Latin America.

What is organizing? Wait a minute, Si Kahn will tell you: “Organizing is for people with problems. It is good as a tool, a weapon, a means. But it is also an end in itself. As we organize, we reclarify ourselves as individuals because we learn to speak for ourselves in ways that make us heard.

With the handbook “Nos organizamos para el cambio social” (We organize for social change) we are taking a broad perspective combining knowledge and experience from social movement and ‘Community Organizing’, case studies and practical tools.

The handbook is the work of Andreas Speck, part of the team of La Transicionera.

"It is clear there exist an urgent need to develop more activist educational material in Spanish, material that help nonviolent activists becoming more creative, strategic and effective. This is necessary for two reasons: 1) The lack of updated and easy accessible material in Spanish, and 2) the strong mobilizations we see in Spanish speaking areas of the world. This organizing manual will be a great step forward."

Dr. Stellan Vinthagen, Endowed Chair in the Study of Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Resistance


Objectives of the crowdfunding campaign

We start with the conviction that the protagonists of social changes are well organized people and communities that create the paradigm shift towards equality and social justice.
With the project of the organizing handbook ‘Nos organizamos para el cambio social’ we want above all offer a tool to empower active people and communities and promote organizing from the grassroots. Within this overall aim, we want to achieve (or contribute to) the following objectives:

  • Improve knowledge on the processes and successes of nonviolent social movements
  • Provide accessible tools for activists and collectives within nonviolent social movements
  • Increase efficiency and creativity of the collectives that together form nonviolent social movements
  • Improve the processes and internal structures of the collectives within and of the nonviolent social movements

More specificially, with this crowdfunding campaign we aim for:

  • A minimum of 3500€ to make the handbook easily available via a website based on the content of the book. We will create a repository which will allow direct access to reference materials or literature available online. Additionally, the handbook will be available as a PDF for free download.
  • An optimum of 5000€ to published the handbook, if possible, through an independent publisher, and if not, to publish it ourselves.

We work based on a key idea: the publication of the handbook will be under a Creative Commons-Attribution NonCommercial license. In this way we can achieve a distribution and access to the materials in line with the idea of freely sharing knowledge.
Beyond economic questions we see the crowdfunding campaign as an opportunity to create networks related to the theme of organizing and social movement building, to promote and facilitate the ecosocial transition we so desire.


Will you support us?

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