Collaborate with La Transicionera

As you know, in La Transicionera we work to achieve ecosocial transitions towards more just social systems, based on perspectives and values such as degrowth, voluntary simplicity, the transition movement, ecofeminisms, organizing...

To achieve our objectives only is possible if and when we can count on your support. How can you collaborate with us?

  • Join our courses and workshops
  • Distribute our activities
  • Support our campaigns
  • Request our services
  • And, of course, supporting us in building an economical base independent of public subsidies and sponsorships by large corporations; which will permit us to give clarity, independence and continuity to our work.


Make a donation

We think, create and work from a perspective of a culture of care which also values social and political work; with this we would like to encourage you to support our association and the persons that work for ecosocial transitions economically, joining in this way this movement.

One from of providing support is via a donation, even if this is only a small one-off donation, or, even better, a small monthly donation. You can donate via Paypal (click on the button 'Donate') or by bank transfer to our account:

  • Triodos: IBAN ES75 1491 0001 21 3000069269


Join La Transicionera as collaborating member

Joining the Asociación La Transicionera as collaborating member would help us to guarantee our work in the future and you support and trust would make this a more solid and strong project.

What are your options?

  • Option A: individual reduced (unemployed or without income): 2,50€/month. 30€/year
  • Option B: individual normal: 5,00€/month. 60€/year
  • Option C: individual support or collective: 10,00€/month. 120€/year

If you have any doubts or want to join the Asociación La Transicionera, contact us.


Support our workers in ecosocial movements

Bloqueo de la central nuclear Hinkley Point

We need activists who with their daily work, part-time or full-time, contribute to the development or strengthening of these new ecosocial movements. We believe that through their activism they can accumulate knowledge, experience and skills which, in the long run, will prove valuable for the success of these movements.

With the programme Workers in ecosocial transition/resistance movements in the context of the collapse we aim to support people who at the moment are putting this work into practice as activists, be it part-time or full-time, through regular economic support.