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Who are the persons that form La Transicionera? We are a team formed by people from different places and with diverse experiences who have as a shared aspect the Sevilla neighbourhood of Pumarejo and ecosocial activism.

Our trajectory brings us together from different approaches such as degrowth, the Buen Vivir, ecofeminism and nonviolence; we have grown and gotten our experience participating in projects and networks such as the Degrowth network proper, the Moneda Social Puma, the Red de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria (REAS), War Resisters' International (WRI), etc.

Our concern of a more just world which puts life at the centre is our motor and revolutionary affection is the basis for this collective project.

Various degrees: journalism, social work, international relations, social economy and local development, gender, facilitation... Convinced activist. Always in debt with the magazine Diagonal, REAS, and other groups in which I am participating or have participated. Feminist and devoted to a feminist, social and solidarity economy, among other things. Mother and some other things. Open to new paths from which to add experiences to continue transitioning.

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Member and founder of the cooperative Santa Cleta. At present dedicated to the coordination of social projects and projects on mobility. Also she is responsible for alliances with other organisations and for projects related to communicaton. Additional she has formation in themes such as gender and mobility, and because of that she - jointly with Elena Huerta - leads the project Mujeres a golpe de pedal (financed by Acontramano). Before setting of with the project Santa Cleta Isabel worked for than ten years in the field of communication on the national and international level.

Education: Degree in Communication. Master in Edition. Master in Philosophy and World Order

We live in a wonderful world and in a system that is totally in conflict with the biosphere. I like to observe and to change direction, reencountering myself with the action, and with the people. Connecting with the earth to take another leap...

Under construction, de-growing, and in revolution.

Economist and project consultant / facilitator.

I participate in projects of alternative economy, bioclimatic architecture, agro-ecology and food sovereignity, local heritage and social transformation.

I also support and participate in professional initiatives and cooperatives that I find close and necessary for a process of transition that is already under way.

Community psychologist, ecosocial activist and facilitator of group processes. Presently I co-coordinate the department of education and research of the development NGO Solidaridad Internacional Andalucía, developing projects on local resilience confronting the global crisis. Member of the Red Decrecimiento Sevilla and promoting community initiatives: Red de la Moneda Social Puma, Red Sevilla EcoArteSana and CantaGaia.

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Psychologist, qualification in community intervention, facilitator of groups and in conflict resolution, teacher in self-esteem through flamenco, and member of community projects on transition such as the Red de Moneda Social Puma and the Huertos Agroecológicos del Alamillo

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