Mani queerunha 2008

In the debate triggered by the PSOE's trans- and queerphobic discussion document, queer people are being made invisible, and part of the trans movement and the PSOE are joining in queerphobia.

Hacia la huelga feminista

Being an eco-feminist is a necessity for me. This idea that we are ecodependent and interdependent beings, that we need from Nature and from other people to live, to be happy and to build that other world with which I dream; it is the tool, the filter and the frame in which I want to continue feeling and being. For this reason, feminisms in general and the movement generated since 8 march 2018 in particular, are for me vital spaces essential to continue building my social and political activism.

Gender is over

In summer 2015 in Brooklyn, New York, the collective and campaign Gender is over (if you want it) was born, adapting the famous slogan by John Lennon and Yoko Ono War is over (if you want it). Basically the collective, formed by Marie McGwier and Nina Mashurova, two persons who identify as non-binary, promotes its message via t-shirts with the slogan and the occasional event. With the income they support trans* and queer collectives.