A tale

A tale

The Guarani tell this tale. One day there was a huge fire in the forrest. All animals fled terrified, as it was a terrible fire.

Soon, the jaguar saw above his head a hummingbird ... flying in the opposite direction, that is, towards the fire.

It puzzled him enormously, but he did not want to stop. Soon after, he saw the hummingbird pass again, this time in the same direction he was taking. He could observe this coming and going repeatedly, until he decided to ask the bird, as to him this behaviour seems extremely eccentric:

"What are you doing, hummingbird?", he asked. "I'm going to the lake", replied the bird, "I'm taking water with the beak and throw it at the fire to put it out." The jaguar smiled to himself.

"Are you cracy?", he said. "Do you think you can achieve to put out the fire with your little beak and alone?"

"Well", replied the hummingbird, "I'm doing my bit..." And after saying this, he went to take more water from the lake.