Workers in ecosocial movements

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In La Transicionera we work to facilitate the transition to new more just socio-ecological systems. In this, we take inspiration from diverse sources, values, and practices, such as de-growth, voluntary simplicity, the Transition Movement, Ecofeminisms, nonviolence, organizing, among others.

We need activists who with their daily work, part-time or full-time, contribute to the development or strengthening of these new ecosocial movements. We believe that through their activism they can accumulate knowledge, experience and skills which, in the long run, will prove valuable for the success of these movements.

Our initial idea is that these activists - Workers in ecosocial transition/resistance movements in the context of the collapse - form part of the backbone of the movements and especially during times of low mobilisation (as unfortunately is the case now) help the movement to incorportate new people and to develop their strategies and activities.

With the programme Workers in ecosocial transition/resistance movements in the context of the collapse we aim to support people who at the moment are putting this work into practice as activists, be it part-time or full-time, through regular economic support.

You can support the work of a worker in ecosocial transition/resistance movements with a contribution of 10€ per month (or more).In return, the worker will commit to inform you regularly about their activities, events or actions, and the successes (at least once per quarter). Additionally, La Transicionera will provide you with a certificate of your donation at the beginning of each year.

Over the course of the development of this programme we will jointly evaluate it to improve and extend it.

Below you can find information on the workers in ecosocial transition/resistance movements that we are presently supporting:

Working time
Part-time (2 days)

Andrea(s) wants to dedicate themselves to building and strengthening a new movement that works for social and ecological justice in the context of the already evident impacts of climate change and the limits of fossil energies and other resources. A movement that develops the capacity for civil resistance, inspired by, among others, movements such as the German anti nuclear energy movement, Act UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) in the United States, the total objection (insumisión) movement in the State of Spain, and many others.

Andrea(s) has a long history in nonviolent social movement in Germany, Britain, Spain, and world-wide. They began their activism in Germany as a total objector in the 1980s, and got involved with the Federation of Nonviolent Action Groups (Föderation gewaltfreier Aktionsgruppen – FöGA) and later worked for the German nonviolent anarchist magazine 'Graswurzelrevolution'.

Andrea(s) co-organized an international study conference onNonviolence and Social Empowermentin Puri, India, in February 2001 for War Resisters’ International (WRI). From 2001 until 2012 Andreas worked in the office of War Resisters’ International (WRI) in London supporting nonviolent movements in countries such as Israel, South Korea, Turkey, Colombia, among others, above all on issues of tactics and strategies. Andrea(s) facilitated workshops on nonviolent strategies in Germany, Georgia, Turkey, South Korea, and Spain, among other countries.

Andrea(s) contributed to the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns of said organisation, especially chapters on Power and Nonviolence, the Planning of Campaigns, and Gender and Nonviolence. Andreas also contributed to a range of other WRI publications, such as A Conscientious Objectors’ Guide to the International Human Rights System (, Conscientious Objection: A Practical Companion for Movements (London, 2015), among others. At present they is finishing a Spanish language organizing handbook provisionally titled Nos organizamos para el cambio social: un pequeño manual del ‘organizing’, which will soon be published.

Andrea(s) was also active in the movement against nuclear energy in Germany and Britain, above all with a focus on nonviolent action. They now lives in Sevilla in Spain and is part of La Transicionera, and is active in the Red Antimilitarista y Noviolenta de Andalucía (R.A.N.A.), the Red de Moneda Social Puma, and the organizing process launched by the ENcuentro sobre Turistización: Resistencias y Alternativas en Sevilla (ENTRA).

They continues to cooperate with WRI especially in the work to support social movement in Turkey in the context of the actual repression, and in relation to the situation in the Kurdish regions of the country.

Andrea(s) identifies as genderqueer