As La Transicionera we facilitate ecosocial transitions.

Our aim to to promote a cultural change towards a new model where life is in the centre, a world in which life is worth the joy of being lived. To create resilience is the objective of our work.

Based on this perspective we offer to possibility to work together on projects, to provide assessment or education related to diverse themes such as: group facilitation and conflict transformation; organizing; ecofeminism; gender; sustainable mobility; social and local currencies; fair and cooperative consumption; social and solidarity economy; bioconstruction; nonviolence; communication; etc.

Do not doubt to contact us, let us know about your needs and we will try to work out the best way to create synergies.

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We provide technical support for companies, institutions, organisations and individuals related to studies and research in any of our areas of work. We want to highlight especially those that related to the implementation of local currencies, group facilitation and a range of accompaniment in social and economic empowerment.

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We organise and provide workshops, courses, and training in a range of disciplines: social and solidarity economy, gender, group processes, restaurative justice, nonviolence, sustainable transport, communication and telecommunication from a social perspective... We put at your disposition our knowledge and experience which we accumulated after years of formation and activism to generate in a participative way new collective knowledge which will lead the way to an ecosocial transition.

Education & Training

We design and implement projects that contribute to and promote ecosocial transitions based on the development of economical, social, and environmentally sustainable alternatives.

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La Transicionera is a project of subsistance, but not only that. We are moved by social transformation and we do organise (much better jointly we friendly projects) all kinds of actions to contribute to this objective.

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We need activists who with their daily work, part-time or full-time, contribute to the development or strengthening of these new ecosocial movements. We believe that through their activism they can accumulate knowledge, experience and skills which, in the long run, will prove valuable for the success of these movements.

With the programme Workers in ecosocial transition/resistance movements in the context of the collapse we aim to support people who at the moment are putting this work into practice as activists, be it part-time or full-time, through regular economic support.

  • Andrea(s) wants to dedicate themselves to building and strengthening a new movement that works for social and ecological justice in the context of the already evident impacts of climate change and the limits of fossil energies and other resources. A movement that develops the capacity for civil resistance, inspired by, among others, movements such as the German anti nuclear energy movement, Act UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) in the United States, the total objection (insumisión) movement in the State of Spain, and many others.

Workers in ecosocial movements