Tiempo de actuar

13 February 2018: Climate Change News publishes the draft IPCC report which warns that it will be very difficult to keep the temperature increase below the 1.5ºC foreseen in the "historic" Paris agreement. 14 February: Spain broke its record for oil imports in 2017 for the third consecutive year. 18 February 2018: The oil company Cepsa announces a new investment of 1,200 million € for a hydrocarbon exploitation project in the United Arab Emirates.... Although the news about the dangers of climate change is constant, it does not seem that they are provoking the necessary mobilization and organization to address it.

Marcha en Londres el 15 de febrero de 2003

15 February 2003:

In more than 800 cities world-wide between six and ten million people demonstrate against the imminent war on Iraq. According to other estimates it were even between eight and 30 million. In Rome there were two million, in Madrid 1.5 million, in Barcelona between one and 1.5 million, in London between one and two million, in Sevilla more than 200 000...

Organizing is for people with problems. It is good as a tool, a weapon, a means. But it is also an end in itself. As we organize, we reclarify ourselves as individuals because we learn to speak for ourselves in ways that make us heard.