Past work

In this section you will encounter some of the projects we worked on up to now, so that you can get to know us more and better. The Spanish version will be more complete. Here you will only find a selection of projects.

  • Logo Justicia Climática

    We have little time left to achieve a fundamental change in the policy of our States to halt and limit climate change.

  • Logo Amor de barrio

    Love of the neighbourhood is what we feel for the place where we live. To recognise its potentials, the things we like and we would like to strengthen, and, at the same time, to propose the necessary changes and improvement, so that we can continue to be in love of our neighbourhood.

  • Foto con el nombre de la calle Fray Diego de Cadiz

    Energy is a common good and as such should be accessible to all people and not be a model of profit of a few. Likewise, we must be aware of the physical limits that the planet marks us and make, therefore, a responsible, efficient and fair use of these resources.

  • Logo Radio EMA

    The educational project "Give a voice to care" seeks to sensitise and raise awareness among 5th and 6th grade primary students about inequalities, poverty, interculturality, the common good and the importance of the consumption of products and resources nearby, artisans and with less environmenta

  • Cartel Jornadas

    Facilitation of the meetings of the different groups of this project initiated by Solidaridad Internacional Andalucía to contribute to the success of the campaign Resilient Andalucia.

  • Portada del informe

    A report written jointly with Ecologistas en Acción (Ecologists in Action) which contributes to the debate and collective reflection with the aim to develop strategies which take advantage of and contribute to the huge challenges which we are facing.

  • Serdar Kuni after his release

    La Transicionera participated in an international human rights delegation to observe the trial against Dr Serdar Küni in Sirnak, in the south-east of Turkey, on 24 April 2017.