Give a voice to care

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The educational project "Give a voice to care" seeks to sensitise and raise awareness among 5th and 6th grade primary students about inequalities, poverty, interculturality, the common good and the importance of the consumption of products and resources nearby, artisans and with less environmental impact.

La Transicionera gives these training sessions with these contents, within a collaboration project with EMA-RTV, which deepens the contents from a perspective of radio work. In this way, the role of school radio stations in the promotion of good educational practices is promoted, as well as a critical awareness of consumerism among students and their participation in equality within a new model of co-responsibility for more social and fair care.

The initiative is being implemented throughout the current school year in five primary schools, with the participation of more than 400 students from the towns of Castilleja de la Cuesta, Arahal and Cantillana (Seville), Casares (Malaga) and Punta Umbría (Huelva).

At the end of the project, a didactic guide will be disseminated in order to replicate the experience in other schools and thus multiply the formative impact of these sessions and raise awareness among the youngest Andalusian population of the importance of care, both from a social and environmental dimension that makes us visible as the ecodependent and interdependent beings that we are.

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