Transition Street in Sevilla

Foto con el nombre de la calle Fray Diego de Cadiz

Energy is a common good and as such should be accessible to all people and not be a model of profit of a few. Likewise, we must be aware of the physical limits that the planet marks us and make, therefore, a responsible, efficient and fair use of these resources.

In order to guarantee both access and sustainability, La Transicionera initiated a pilot project to promote the energetic transition of a street in the North Historical Centre of Seville (specifically in Fray Isidoro de Cádiz). The initiative has two main lines of work: energy reduction and awareness of economic, political and legal structures that slow or prevent change to a new energy model which is more just, decentralised and sustainable.

Taking as a reference the experience of Transition Cities or Neighbourhoods (more specifically the Transition Streets, United Kingdom), as well as the philosophy of Community Organizing, aimed at the empowerment and strengthening of communities and mobilization, we will pay special attention to community building, looking for the neighborhood articulated through a group motor the true protagonist of its own process.

This project has been financed thanks to the prize received in the 2nd El Germinador Social Competition, promoted by Som Energía, a renewable energy cooperative, and Coop57, an ethical financial services cooperative.

In the coming months we will disseminate a guide for energy reduction as well as the main actions and lessons learned from this pilot initiative, hoping that this Transition Street will be a seed of many other streets or neighborhoods in transition in the city of Seville and other territories.

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